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Download FIFA 16 FREE – Available for PC/PS

If you are wondering when you can download FIFA 16 free, there will be a lot of options after a few months from the releasing of the game. So for […]

If you are wondering when you can download FIFA 16 free, there will be a lot of options after a few months from the releasing of the game. So for now, the free FIFA 16 download is broadcast to you only by Unlokd team.

Why to download FIFA 16?

Although FIFA 15 had its little known issues and bugs, especially with its PC version, which were handled in time and quite good, EA Sports is now focusing on the new and innovating game of this series: FIFA 16. The new game will be release on September, 25 in Europe and it has quite interesting and new features. EA Sport will surprise the female fans if the game and also, it will take care of the issues and difficulties which were announced in the previous version of the game. It is just a matter of time until all the fans around the world will happily enjoy the new version of one of the famous football games ever.
For starters, let’s see the new improvements of the game:

FIFA 16 will have better graphics

download fifa 16
FIFA 15 was a major upgrade to next-generation consoles in terms of graphics – the pitch was more realistic than ever and the fans playing experience was greater than ever. Nevertheless, it still remains room for improvement, especially when it comes to the players. FIFA has a quite visible disadvantage compared to other games. The players do not have realistic hair and the stadiums and matches graphics will be improved. The new game will come with new and impressionist detailed graphics for both the players and the background.

The goalkeepers will be smarter

EA Sports has made major changes in terms of animations in FIFA 15 when it comes to the keepers. When it comes to the goalkeepers’ intelligence, things didn’t get really well. In FIFA 16, this will change – there will be a more superior intelligence, especially in the long shots or 1-1 situations.

Improved online multiplayer

Multiplayer mode is a massive part of the FIFA franchise and the in the next game of the series, EA Sport will focus on this particular area. In the previous game there hasn’t been a powerful lag server and the multiplayer mode is becoming more and more important for the players. The tournaments will begin airing live streaming and FIFA 16 will try to solve the existing problems from the previous game. I know that all this new features makes you want to download FIFA 16, but have a little more patience – our site has this download option and we will get there quite soon.

The game-play will change

When it comes to the player’s focus and stability, EA Sports has alternated the strategies in the last two years – FIFA 14 has focused very much on the defensive aspect of the game and in FIFA 15 it was diametrically opposed. For FIFA 16, EA Sports is trying to find a balance between those two to enhance the game’s realism.

Female football players and teams

unlokd fifa 16 women players
Regarding the competition from Pro Evolution Soccer, EA Sport has prepared a surprise this year, especially for the lady fans of the game. FIFA 16 will have national women’s football teams – 12 in number – the best teams around the globe from the following countries: Brazil, China, England, United States of America, Australia, Canada, Spain, Mexico, France, Sweden, Germany and Italy. Being one of the best sport simulators in the words, EA Sport decided to introduce women in the field, also because the technology had evolved and it can support and recreate the perfect pitch.
All the female players and the teams will be reproduced and created until the last detail, from the physical appearance to the way of playing and field strategies. The female players will be copied and created with the help of some of the best female football players around the world like: Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe. The EA Sport producers has invited these famous female football players in their motion recording studio in Canada, were they created together the new female football players from the game. The female players were created from scratch with the help of the famous players’ pitches and moves. From animations to game play improvements, new quality graphics and updated team information for both female and male teams of the game, FIFA 16 will certainly have much more to offer than its predecessors.

How to download FIFA 16 free for PC

Don’t forget that our site has a special option for downloading the FIFA 16. It is a simple and easy to install process which will take no more than one hour from your life. What you have to do to download the new game? Just follow the instructions below:
1. Download the game by clicking on the button below, then click safe and choose your destination from your PC.
NOTE: Small ‘Human Verification’ might be required. Game download will be available immediately after the process.
2. You will need uTorrent or BitTorrent for the download to work and also, you will be given proper username and password for your installation process to be complete;
3. When the downloading is complete you will need to mount the file with Daemon Tools, and then choose the option with a auto run installation;
4. The all you have to do is choose a folder for the game and click finish when the installation process is over;
5. Double click on the new desktop icon and have fun with the new and improved FIFA 16!

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