Bulu Monster: An Awesome Pokemon Alternative

Despite the huge chunk of the entire world is seemingly enticed by the Pokemon Go Fever, the remaining care less. Mainly due to the gameplay, which requires you to roam around […]

Despite the huge chunk of the entire world is seemingly enticed by the Pokemon Go Fever, the remaining care less. Mainly due to the gameplay, which requires you to roam around the real world to catch virtual monsters or so-called Pokemons, it is quite time consuming and a bit risky as well. A lot of thieves have taken advantage of such, taking robbery to the next level. Have you tried Bulu Monster instead?

As the hazard of bumping on to unexpected things, as you lock your eyes on to your phone while you walk, it would be best to play on the classics of this famous cartoon show. However, old-school Pokemon is not accessible in the modern Google Play and iOS stores. What’s best is to resort on other games that have been inspired by this all-time favorite collecting game. Bulu Monster is one of the best Pokemon Alternatives that you could find. Incorporating much of the concepts, it actually looks and feels like you’re playing the original. Great visuals have been added on for better aesthetics though.


Where the Adventure Starts

You will set foot on the farm, where you can have your monsters rest to regain health points. Then you would be given a peak on to the world map. There are different zones that you can wish to persuade, this however would require you to unlock zone after zone. As you level up along the way, you will be able to take out the monsters that you will be facing. There are a ton of monsters to encounter. This would happen once you shift from one zone to the other. Exploration would lead you on to a seemingly new world filled with a variety of monsters that live upon.


Being the Best Bulu Monster Trainer Ever

The goal is to catch every single monster in the game and to level them up to the max, in order for you to utilize their maximum potential. Although the traditional method is to capture one monster that you desire and then train them by facing them with several monsters that you encounter along your journey, there are other things that you could do in the game, to hasten your progress. One of which is by entering the Mystery Forest which pops up from time to time. Here you could catch certain monsters, in exchange for eggs. This of course is a mere bonus as the quests in Bulu Monster are seemingly never ending.


Catching Bulu Monsters

Although each pet cannot always be appealing, it is still recommended to catch one of a kind. The reason behind that is that there are certain amounts of rewards that would be given away. Depending on your progress in the game. If you are unsure as to how those rewards could be claimed, just click on the rewards option. With regards to the different types of monsters, it would be upon your preference whether you would want to keep them, train them, or even release them.

The variety of elemental properties to consider are pretty confusing to the newbie in such type of gameplay. In order to counter-attack and be effective on it, you have to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of every elemental attack. A water element monster would be devastated by an electric element monster. So avoid your water element monster be electrocuted by your opponent. The best thing to do is to switch on to a monster that has the earth element attack or attacks. A simple sandstrike would deal very heavy damage on to the enemy electric property. One thing to consider as well is facing opponents with the same element as it would be a disadvantage. That would take the match to finish longer.

bulu monster

The Verdict: Bulu Monster is indeed an awesome Pokemon alternative since there are a wide variety of monsters to capture. They do generously give away in-game currencies from time to time. Despite that, the items that you could purchase are extremely expensive. The use of potions is a good example to this. You would need to spend if you want to be swift in progressing in the game. This is due to the health potions as they cost a bit too much.

Nevertheless, it would be a great time killer if you want to play offline though. Just save those potions up and use them on those boss battles. Make sure you don’t waste your time on climbing up top and fail. A hundred hours would be insufficient as more time needs to be invested in the game. This could be a pro or a con depending on the game seeker. Since the game is free, it would be best to try it out now.


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